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The coastal village of Norfolk, Blakeney.

Norfolk is a wildlife heaven. The coastal county of England is home for so many species of wildlife. One of the most popular places in Norfolk to visit is Blakeney. It is known as the home of grey seals.

We travelled from London early morning about 6.30 and our plan was to reach Blakeney before 11pm. The boat services operated from Morston quay were running with reduced capacity to allow for social distancing and there was only one boat service for that day.

When we arrived in Morston quay, there was no more space and we couldn't get into the boat. The lady who was organising the trip told us that due to low tide they couldn't run another trip and that was the last trip of the day.

We were so disappointed and thought we will not be able to see the seals. But in my mind, I always thought there must be another way. We started asking to the locals for advice. One of the local told us that if we go to Cley and walk through the beach for about 45 minutes we will be able to see the seals.

Ade wasn't sure if we should do it. The weather was super chilly and the sunset was about 3.50. But I suggested that we must make it happen as we won't be able to do it anytime sooner due to the corona virus situation. The country will go again into a lockdown anytime, So we drove to cley.

After walking more than 45 minutes from Cley, we reached the seal colony about 3pm. Ade struggled so much even to breath sometimes. We were totally frozen and walking through the pebble beach was not easy at all, especially when carrying all the filming kits.

But at the end, we made it happen. It was one of the most beautiful and unforgettable experience in life. We saw seals lying simply in the beach enjoying a beautiful Sunday after noon.

Ade was getting a bit spiritual, he started saying that the seals have the better life than humans. When they hungry they jump into the sea and catch fish. When they tired of eating fish, they would come back to the beach and lie down with out worries. And when seals feel like surfing they would surf in the waves as long as they wish.

Coming from one of the biggest cities of the world, Blakeney reminded us something more important in life;The time to reflect and feel our presence on this earth. I am taking a deep breath now while I am writing these words.

This trip was such an inspiration for us, I really felt like my thoughts has regenerated. I felt fresh and ready for more. I believe the more I am re-connecting with nature the more I will get know myself.

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